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Ohlone Riders


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Trail Etiquette

Trail Manners & Safety Reminder

* Try to Keep at least a half of a horse length behind the rider ahead of you (this one is hard because horse like to walk right up on other horses).

* Ask or announce when you wish to pass.

* Be sure the rider you are passing is ready for you to go by.

* Always try to pass at a walk or slow trot. NO galloping please!

* Never gallop upon a group of riders or a single rider.

* Announce when you want to slow down or speed up so people will be prepared for a change in gait.

* Be aware of young or nervous horses and/riders.

* Offer assistance when needed.

* If trails are unmarked, please respect the ride leader, if you are riding in a group. Do not go on ahead there may be a turn off or a side trail. You may be lost for a long time.

* Please let someone know if the pace is too fast, or if you are having difficulties.

* Slow down the pace if you notice tiring horses. Not all mounts are in endurance shape.

* Use ribbons to let other riders know about special situations that require consideration.

* Please use a red ribbon on your horse's tail if it tends to kick.

* Use a green ribbon to signify a novice horse or rider.

* A blue ribbon should be used to denote a stallion.

Thanks and Happy Trails to all of you out there.

Sun Set Riders

These simple tips can make the trails a little safer and happier for all who use them.