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Ohlone Riders


Sometimes in life you make a plan,

It takes some time and you ask some Friends!


You work together as a team,

You pull together to save your dream,

Because inside you know it’s right!


Our Club has means to save the Land,

And to protect its rights,

Because no voice has it to fight!


Within a year we grow in flight!

And next year we shall fight! Fight! Fight!


Our fight is for to save the use of our public lands,

For our childrens childrens can enjoy forever and again!


So come and join our fight for flight

To keep our horseback riding and packing rights!


Ohlone Riders for the land we shall protect our historical use of!

Ohlone Riders for the land we shall preserve our rights to use!

Ohlone Riders for the land we shall educate the gentle use of!

Ohlone Riders for the Name in which we stand

Americans on American Land!


Thank you all for gathering here!


Thank you all for your fight and your work so dear!


You all are why I Am Here!


One Ohlone Rider by the name of Becky Seibel

President of the Ohlone Riders unit of BCHC 2005