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The Unit’s Public Lands Committee (PLC) is its political voice. On the Unit level you may have an individual or a committee in charge of Public Lands activities. This individual or committee is responsible for maintaining communication with public agencies and must monitor the formulation  of management plans and alert membership of any action or proposed action that could have an adverse effect on our ability to utilize backcountry trails and forage areas with pack and saddle stock. The PLC should strive to place members on local “planning teams” or advisory panels whenever possible as it represents all horsemen that use the trails and backcountry resources. It is important that our reaction to any action be consistent throughout the state. It is essential that each unit’s PLC operate under the guidelines set by the State Board. If there is any doubt about appropriate action, contact the BCHC Vice President of Public Lands prior to taking an action that might not be consistent with state or national (BCHA) policy. One representative of each Unit sits on the BCHC Public Lands Committee and goes to at least one State board meeting per year.