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Ohlone Riders


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Whats New!

This is our new LOGO for now looking for a better one if you have any idea let us know...

Ohlone Riders New Logo

Weed Free Feed

Weed Free Feed is a public service site with information and education regarding the prevention of noxious weeds on public lands. Available to all open space users, emphasis is on assisting horseowners who are public land trail riders, horsecampers and packers.

Pasture, Public, and Forest lands

On September 8, 2001 at the 18th Annual California Trails & Greenways Conference, was presented the "2000-2001 Trail/Greenway Program Merit Award" for 'the creation and maintenance of a public service website developed for the education of all trail users regarding the prevention of noxious weeds on public lands. The site provides information on regulations, a reference for weed free feed certification, and a list of California weeds that can be accessed by all public land users."

We have agreed to sponser Weed Free Feed for another Year.

note:wrote by Bonnie Davis; picture from webpage