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Ohlone Riders


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Review of meeting

Minutes for Junes Meeting by Becky DeLaney


June 22nd, 2002, 1:00 pm at Omegas Restaurant


Attendance:  Toby Horst, Katherine Horst, Shelly Davis, Bob Pimentel, Diana Post, Lola Curry, Becky Delaney, Jan Whitlow, Becky Jacobs.

Meeting started about 2:00 pm with discussion on past problems with the club between Shelly Davis, Bob Pimentel, Diana Post and Toby Horst:

1.)    A lot of the members have no trailers

2.)    Wide spread area to cover over 9 counties

3.)    Just couldnt get anyone out to ride or do anything

Shelly if there is enough enthusiasm to continue the club go for it

Becky I went to my friends Jan Whitlow and Becky Jacobs and we think we can get it together and keep the club going.

Toby talks about what we need to do to keep the club going

1.)    Problem trying to bring Backcountry riding into the bay area and we need to focus on the type of riding done in this area.  And do a couple of work projective.

2.)    Not to make it an arena-riding club, a trail-riding club is what we are and teach the backcountry purposes. 

3.)    Ask Shelly if she is willing to turn the reins over if they want to keep it going

Shelly said yes she has to drop out and goes into what we need to do and turns over the minutes.

Toby ask Shelly if she is prepared to resign, and according to the by-laws is there enough board here to vote; Shelly Davis as President, and Diana Post as Treasurer both resigned and we elected Becky DeLaney as President, Jan Whitlow as Secretary, and Becky Jacobs as Treasurer

1)      Diana Post Shelly Davis have to sign off on the account at the Bank to transfer the account to Becky DeLaney and Becky Jacobs  (Banking address should be Becky Jacobs Address)

2)      We need to set up a post office box for the Club in Milpitas

Treasurer report as of June 22nd, 2002, reported by Diana Post $1909.07.  She talks about the monthly report, and yearly report.

Toby Sec will be the membership person; you need to get public liaison person. 

Three committees to the backcountry horsemens

1)      Executive Committee

2)      Education Committee

3)      Public Land Committee

You will where two hat for a while. 


We discuss more about how to get more people coming to meetings, rides, and insurance that they have to be a member to ride on one of our rides.


The discussion went to what we need to do right away, and what was needed down the road.  Plus, if we need help everyone said to call or e-mail him or her right away


Meeting Adjourned at 3:30 pm

Results of the Ohlone Riders Unit of the Backcountry Horsemen of California meeting, on June 22nd., 2002

Elections of New officers:

President-Becky DeLaney 
Secretary-Jan Whitlow
Treasurer-Becky Jacobs
Liaison-Becky DeLaney
Editor-Becky Delaney
Education-Jan Whitlow

All was elected at this meeting.

Plus, I 'Becky Delaney' am the new Web Master.

Jack Brooks Camp-Out
Sept. 3rd. thur 7th.

If you bring a quest they must join!

Remember when going into the Jack Brooks Camp ground, the road is timed go in on the hour and come out on the half/hour.
Come and have fun!
This is a membership ride if you are a member it will cost you nothing, if your not a member it will only cost you the price of the membership!
Bring your own food and drink!  And if you want to share thats great!  Pot luck dinner Firday Night and a D-Jay with your fravorite tunes!  Come and get to know everyone...
Call Becky DeLaney for reservation! at 650-270-9348 or e-mail me at

Next Meeting

August 3rd., 2002 at the Horse staging area in Ed Elvin Park, at 11:00 am

A ride around the park, lunch and a meeting what do you think?

For information on the Rendezvous 2003! Click Here!

California Horse Council meeting to start it up, more information to come.